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Imports of gas set to double

October 26, 2018 | Singapore | OSEA2018 Industry Insights

Petrochina gas imports

China’s Petrochina International has agreed to double its rate of gas imports from Kazakhstan from January 2019 in anticipation of commissioning of additional gas pumping stations to increase its exporting capacity, writes Vladimir Afanasiev.

According to Kazakhstan’s state-owned gas pipeline operator KazTransGaz, it has signed an agreement with Petrochina to increase gas deliveries to China to 10 billion cubic metres per annum.

A previous agreement, signed in October 2017, called for the supply of 5 Bcm per annum of gas from Kazakhstan. KazTransGaz has fully completed its delivery obligations under this agreement, it said.

KazTransGaz said that it is nearing the completion and commissioning of three new gas compression and pumping stations to increase annual throughput capacity of the Beyneu-Bozoy-Shymkent pipeline to 15 Bcm. This pipeline is used to deliver gas from the west of Kazakhstan, where core gas fields are located, to the east of the country. There, the gas is diverted into the export pipeline to China.

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