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OSEA2018 Exhibitor Highlight: PetroChina Lubricant Company

November 23, 2018 | Singapore | OSEA2018 Industry Insights

Mr. Wang Zijian, Director of Overseas and Marine Lube Department, PetroChina Lubricant Company

A subsidiary of PetroChina Company Limited, the company focuses on R&D, production, marketing and services of lubricating oil, lubricating grease and additives. Mr. Wang Zijian (pictured above), Director of Overseas and Marine Lube Department, PetroChina Lubricant Company, tells OSEA more. 

Q: Please provide an overview of PetroChina Lubricant Company (PLC) and the markets served by the company.

A: PLC is a subsidiary of PetroChina Company Limited that focuses on R&D, production, marketing and services of lubricating oil, lubricating grease and additives.

PetroChina is a state-owned backbone enterprise, and it is ranked third place on the Fortune Global 500 list. Setting foot in the lubricant industry in 1950s, PetroChina is the R&D centre and production base of lubricating oil, lubricating grease and additives boasting a long history in China. In 2000, PetroChina established PetroChina Lube Oil Company according to the strategy of “Five Unifying, One Focusing”, and built up “KunLun” lube oil brand.

We have always been adhering to the customer-centered and market-oriented principle, providing ideal lubricating solutions for our customers, and we are committed to creating value for our customers, and jointly promoting “Created by China”.

Q: Can you tell us more about PLC’s integrated business model and sustainable development plans?

A: PLC’s portfolio is extensive – from crude oil mining to chemical product research and development, production and sales integration business model, focusing on innovation and environmental protection sustainable development concept.

Q: In PLC’s opinion, what are the growth opportunities in Asia and the region like?

A: Most Asian countries, including China, are still developing – providing great development potential.

Q: What are your thoughts on the outlook for the oil & gas industry in the coming months and 2019?

A: Our company believes that clean energy is the way forward for the petroleum industry.

Q: What will PetroChina be showcasing at the event? Any highlights visitors can look out for at your OSEA2018 booth, such as new technologies or product demos?

A: At the exhibition, PetroChina will demonstrate all kinds of lubricating products and solution. This series is suitable for Porsche, BMW and most kinds of industrial machine.

Q: PetroChina will be exhibiting at OSEA2018 for the first time. What were some of the key factors that prompted PetroChina to participate this year?

A: PetroChina is a global integrated energy company, and we hope to network with other international companies in the same industry, and develop our businesses innovatively.

Q: Moving forward, any plans in the pipeline to share for PetroChina?

A: PetroChina supports the Belt and Road Initiative. Starting from Singapore, we will gradually establish branches in Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and Africa, carrying out overseas business. We will work closely with international colleagues to achieve a win-win situation and bring the KunLun brand of PetroChina lubricants to the world.

Check out PetroChina Lubricant Company at OSEA2018 from 27-29 November 2018, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore!