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Atmeco Asia to demonstrate leak detection capabilities at OSEA2018

October 1, 2018 | Singapore | OSEA2018 Industry Insights

New to OSEA2018, first-time exhibitor Atmeco Asia will be highlighting its proprietary technologies for leak detection and repair at the region’s largest oil and gas event for trade professionals. Cydney Yam, Senior Business Development Manager at Atmeco Asia, shares more.

Jasmin Lim, Business Development Director of BH Global

Cydney Yam, Senior Business Development Manager, Atmeco Asia

Q: Atmeco is headquartered in Victoria, Australia. It recently expanded its presence to Singapore this year. What’s the rationale behind the decision to set up base in Singapore? 

A: Singapore has been in the spotlight as an ideal location for refining, petrochemical and speciality chemicals activities. As one of the world’s leading energy and chemical hubs, Singapore has been actively promoting initiatives for the reduction of carbon emissions. This is where Atmeco can come in to provide our expertise on the matter.

In addition, as safety is a top priority for all companies in Singapore, we aim to deliver our philosophy of a leakage-free work place here in Southeast Asia. We see huge potential in reducing emissions Atmeco sees big potential in Emission reduction and Emission savings markets in Asia to further enhance our company growth.

Q: What are the growth opportunities in Asia like for Atmeco?

A: The growth of this market can be attributed to increasing leakage incidents in the oil and gas pipelines and storage tanks at production facilities, development and expansion of existing pipelines and construction of new pipelines, and stringent government regulations pertaining to the implementation of leak detection systems.

With the high demand for energy in Asia Pacific nations, there has been an increase in exploration activities leading to growth in the market for leak detection equipment. Preventive measures are necessary for all, such as pre-commissioning assessment on or before operation evaluation. Clients do notice beneficial results after engaging our services.

Q: What will Atmeco be showcasing at OSEA2018? Any highlights visitors can look out for at your booth?

A: We will share more about the functions of our equipment, as well as on our expertise and optimised technology for leak detection and repair, and the component integrity management system.

Q: Are any of these solutions/technologies unique to Atmeco?

A: Yes, they include the following:

Remote Piloted Aerial Survey (RPAS) services solution

Delivers critical asset integrity data direct to the client’s desktop while the RPAS team is still in the field.

3D Reality Modelling

Our interactive 3D reality modelling data interface releases the full potential of RPAS (drone) surveys in major hazard facilities. It saves costs and eliminates personnel risk when inspecting difficult or dangerous-to-reach assets – all without interrupting the production process.

Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV)

Atmeco’s ROV survey provides an interactive 360-degree monoscopic or stereoscopic 3-D view of your confined space assets.

Leak detection and repair (LDAR)

LDAR involves full management and regulatory reporting systems on component maintenance, product loss and emissions database manages program and responses.

Component Integrity Management System

CIMS is a high security, client-specific, web-based system used to capture, report and manage all data ATMECO collects and analyses on behalf of clients.

Q: Atmeco will be exhibiting at OSEA2018 for the first time. What were some of the key factors that prompted Atmeco to participate this year?

A: OSEA has grown to be the largest and most established oil & gas industry event in Asia,  presenting an ideal opportunity for Atmeco Asia to showcase and demonstrate our latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Q: Moving forward, any plans in the pipeline to share for Atmeco Asia?                          

A: We hope to secure long term contracts with all the major customers in Singapore and to capitalise on all the market opportunities available in Asia Pacific market.


Check out Atmeco Asia at OSEA2018 from 27-29 November 2018, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore!