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AllAlloy to showcase Lincoln’s Power Wave

S500 welding system at OSEA2018

May 10, 2018 | Singapore | OSEA2018 Industry Insights

Lincoln’s Power Wave S500 welding system

For the first time in Asia, AllAlloy will showcase Lincoln’s Power Wave S500 welding system for process pipes (stainless or carbon steel). It features brand new software for new applications.

Q: Tell us more about AllAlloy.

A: Allalloy is a total welding solution provider, focusing on high-end welding filler metals, welding equipment, systems, automation, accessories and consumables. We provide total support with a pool of Engineers that are ever ready to assist our customers with their welding issues and to increase their welding productivity.

Q: Why did AllAlloy decide to participate in OSEA2018?

A: The O&G market has started to pick up and our new representation of Lincoln Electric products has help us to decide that we will showcase our welding solution.

Q: What does your company appreciate most about OSEA?

A: Quality and potential customers from our target markets always visit OSEA.

Q: Can you share with us the new products and solutions your company will be launching at OSEA2018?

A: We will be showcasing Lincoln’s Power Wave S500 welding system for process pipes (stainless or carbon steel) – a first in Asia. It features brand new software for new applications. At OSEA2018, our customers will be able to find out more about the following:


  • Backup and restore settings to simplify equipment setup
  • Customize memory settings and limits for specific applications
  • Run diagnostic tests and check equipment calibration
  • Setup and monitor equipment communications
  • Configure CheckPoint and create WeldScore training models


With the rising costs of manufacturing, there is no room for waste in the process stream. WeldScore allows you to evaluate welding operations based on modelling of acceptable welding conditions.

  • Model acceptable weld requirements in production conditions
  • Evaluate with welding control dynamics – more than just voltage and amperage feedback
  • Continuous real-time analysis directly from the welding power source
  • Create notifications and record evaluation results in CheckPoint


  • Global data collection and data access with cloud-based architecture
  • Monitor and analyse operations remotely
  • Receive production notifications by email or text message
  • Reports can be configured in many ways
  • Know your data is secure and protected
  • Export data and reports in various formats for offline analysis


A welding fabrication blueprint for large and complicated parts can be difficult to follow, as it’s two-dimensional. But with the Weld Sequencer control software, operators can be instructed in a step-by-step manner.

  • Directed workflow with step-by-step pictorial diagrams
  • Automatically provides appropriate welding procedures for each weld
  • Reduces operator training time while improving cycle time and quality
  • Reduces potential for rework and scrap
  • Automatically records part-by-part metrics like cycle time and weld count

Q: Currently, what are some of the best processes that reduce wastage and increase welding efficiency?

A: The new pulse waveforms utilize software-controlled machines, and are able to replace the old manual processes like SMAW and GTAW with a much more efficient waveform MIG process. This enables welding of the root and subsequent passes to be much faster than before – customers typically see speed increases of over 50%. Additionally, there is a substantial elimination of waste (stub loss from SMAW and unused portion of the TIG Rod from the manual GTAW processes, up to 10%).

The electrical efficiency of our highly reliable heavy duty inverter welding machines is much better than the traditional rectifier type. This reduces electricity consumption significantly, which in return reduces the welding cost and carbon footprint – a win for all.

Also noteworthy is the Heavy Duty Power Wave AC/DC 1000 SD, with waveform control technology for submerged arc welding. It can significantly increase the deposition rate using the variable AC square waveform, thereby increasing the welding productivity. A 25% improvement in productivity is easily achieved. It is probably the only 1000 amperes AC/DC welding invertor available, electrical efficiency is included!

Oerlikon’s Fluxofil and Fluxocord HD, High Deposition Seamless Flux Cored wires for FCAW and SAW, increasing deposition rate of up to 25% without the need for equipment upgrade, increasing welding productivity and therefore higher steel throughput for a given space.

Q: Has the welding industry changed in the last decade?

A: The development and implementation of software-controlled machines with digital connectivity has been a very meaningful change for process control and data monitoring.

Keen to find out more about Lincoln’s Power Wave S500 welding system? Visit AllAlloy Dynaweld Pte Ltd (booth no. 1H3-01) at OSEA2018 from 27-29 November 2018, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore!

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