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Network with Global Oil & Gas Firms at the OSEA2016 International Conference
Learn from and network with global experts at OSEA2016 International Conference from participating firms such as:
Fjords Processing
Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
National Oilwell Varco
Reliance Gas Pipeline
Sapura Kencana
Saudi Aramco
Singapore LNG Corporation
Wood Group
Woodside Energy
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Raise the level of your business capabilities
Redefining lever-operated hoists, the CM® Ergo 360°™ features the revolutionary Sidewinder™ lever handle that allows efficient operation for both lifting and pulling applications. Compact and lightweight, the CM Ergo 360 allows operators to work up to 12 times faster than with conventional ratchet lever tools and requires 30% less pull force to operate.
The FARO Edge and Edge ScanArm represent the latest generation of the FaroArm product line. As the most advanced portable measurement arm FARO has ever produced, the Edge eclipses competitive models in every category. Industry leading features make the Edge and Edge ScanArm the ideal tools for companies constrained by the limitations of fixed CMMs and other portable measurement arms and scanners.
HCFP is established to meet the urgent need of providing engineered solutions in protecting critical assets from the devastating effects resulting from lightning. Specialising in the areas of lightning protection, covering direct strike protection, surge protection, grounding and consultancy, HCFP helps its clients in protecting their significant investment and critical operations from potential destruction, damages, financial losses and critical down time.
The Merlin Work class vehicle is a new generation, electric-powered, remotely operated vehicle that provides higher efficiency and less potential for spill to sea due to less oil consumption. Reliability is increased compared to traditional ROVs by ensuring that each thruster has a separate power supply from topside. The longer operational time provides a big advantage for operating in deep water regions.
To achieve maximum operational performance, it is necessary to employ the use of analytical tools and to ensure the reliability of systems’ operations. Mitsubishi Electric’s solution “iQ PlantSuite” is an integrated solution for monitoring and control. iQ PlantSuite is designed, structured, and configured in a manner that meets the high demand placed on availability, expandability and flexibility.
The company provides a wide range of industrial engine driven air compressors ranging from 130cfm to 920cfm/7 Bars to 10 Bars, as well as 100% oil-free air compressors 1500cfm at 150psi 10 Bars. It specialises in rental, sales, and service of a wide range of construction equipment for the oil & gas, offshore, petrochemical and many other industries.
Industrial endoscopes are a form of non-contact inspection system suitable for use in confined and hard-to-access spaces that are not open to direct visual inspection. Its main uses include routine maintenance and inspecting components for quality. Olympus has marketed a variety of models under its IPLEX series of industrial videoscopes that satisfy diverse requirements through high image quality and excellent usability.
Combilift straddle carrier is an economical option in comparison to heavy handling forklifts, or mobile cranes. The Combi SC innovative design eliminates the use of trailers, providing the user complete independence to move containers from trailer to ground for de-stuffing. A key benefit of the Combi SC is its ability to handle 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers.
Designed to meet with the toughest industrial requirements, Smart S line is capable of monitoring gas contents in harsh environments. These detectors are SIL2(3) and ATEX certified and satisfy the strict requirements of oil & gas, chemical and petrochemical sectors as well as the Safety Integrity Level.
The ACFM® MagCrawler is the latest in ACFM® subsea inspection technology that has been developed specifically to enable the ROV deployment of TSC’s ACFM® Array Probes to inspect subsea geometries such as circumferential welds in pipes/ tubulars, fillet and full penetration welds in plates, all typically found in the oil and gas sectors. It provides a solution where access to areas is restricted or expensive to reach using divers.
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