24 - 26 NOVEMBER 2020


Thomas Quek


MD and Principle Security Advisor


REDCON Security Advisors

Thomas is the MD for REDCON Security Advisors, which is a specialist team with hybrid skillsets and experiences in both the IT & OT (Operational Technology) worlds. Thomas started out as an IT and security engineer for 8 years, before joining a major industrial automation vendor for another 8 years. Over there, he was involved in several major oil & gas projects and was instrumental in developing new OT security best practices and programmes. Thomas then founded REDCONSA in 2015.

As a cyber security evangelist, Thomas and his team has recently researched and developed a “last-line-of-defence” methodology against the notorious NotPetya malware for the OT sectors, where legacy operating systems are still widely used, and where updating and rebooting of critical systems are near impossible.