24 - 26 NOVEMBER 2020


Dr. Kent F. Moors

Executive Chairman

Energy Capital Research Group

Dr. Moors is an internationally recognized expert in oil/gas policy, finance, and risk assessment. He is Executive Chair of Baltimore-based Energy Capital Research Group and President of Pittsburgh and Fort Lauderdale-based ASIDA, Inc., a global oil and gas consulting firm. He is the founder and editor of a series of energy investment services currently having more than 600,000 subscribers worldwide; all are published by Money Map Press.

Dr. Moors is Global Energy Strategist to Money Morning and was contributing editor for Thomson Reuters’ Russian Petroleum Investor and Caspian Investor – from 1998 through February of 2013. He has directed the Russian/Caspian Special Projects Initiative – a network of over 900 global energy specialists designed to provide rapid response to developments in the former USSR – and has provided specialized advisories to Wall Street analysts, as well as investment, hedge fund, capital and asset managers worldwide.

Dr. Moors has advised over two dozen world governments, along with the governors of several U.S. states, and premiers of two Canadian provinces. He has been a consultant to private companies, financial institutions, civic movements/organizations and law firms in 32 countries.
He has advised a range of oil, gas, and associated investment projects in North America, Australia, North Africa, Russia, the Caspian Basin, and the Persian Gulf. These have included both project structures and finance for MLPs, LNG import/export, syndicated loan packages and tanker holding ventures.

Dr. Moors has appeared over 2,400 times as a featured television, radio and media commentator in North America, Europe, China, and Russia. A prolific writer and lecturer, his over 3,600 professional/market publications and books, as well as over 750 private/public sector presentations and workshops have appeared in 48 countries.

Dr. Moors is particularly known among public and private sector policy makers for providing targeted political, market and risk assessments in crises or rapidly changing environments. His first degree (at age 16) was a B.S. in theoretical physics. Subsequent A.B., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees were obtained in political science and public policy.