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Tech Garage

Tech Garage is an outstanding knowledge-sharing platform at OSEA2018, where OSEA Exhibitors will be conducting presentations and interesting product demonstrations on new product launches and solutions relating to the industry. Further, all Tech Garage sessions are free for visitors to attend.

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11.00am Installing the Next Generation Wind Turbines

Huisman Equipment BV will be exploring the challenges involved in the installation of the next generation wind turbines and how these challenges are customers’ opportunities to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Wouter den Boer, Sales Manager, Huisman Equipment BV
(Booth No. BU2-01)

11.30am Unleash New Possibilities with Additive Manufacturing

Voestalpine is the only company worldwide that offers Additive Manufacturing (AM) throughout the entire value chain, which ranges from powder and wire development and production to the delivery of finished products. Due to the unique combination of steel making know-how, AM engineering, production, and post-processing of parts, the company can offer turn-key solutions like no other. It is mandatory to leverage the advantages of this new technology. “Just printing the same parts” will proof, that AM parts have the same material properties like traditionally manufactured parts, but the costs will probably be much higher. In this presentation, customers will learn how to take advantage of this new technology for several industries on the basis of case studies. Furthermore, customers will see how Voestalpine can support them throughout the AM value chain.

Dietmar Reicht, Global Corporate Segment Coordinator Oil & Gas, Voestalpine AG
(Booth No. 1M4-01)

12.30pm High-Performance Alloys for Demanding Applications

This presentation would provide an overview of high-performance alloys from a non-technical audience, with a particular feature on super-duplex stainless steels that focuses on their cost-effective use in a wide range of demanding applications. The presentation would cover their original development, attractive properties and limitations, together with examples of their applications in aggressive and demanding applications.

Rodney Rice, Business Development Director, Langley Alloys (SE Asia) Pte Ltd
(Booth No. 1F6-01)

1.00pm Advancements in Offshore Corrosion Monitoring and Flaw Detection

Marine drilling risers are an area of interest when discussing corrosion on offshore oil platforms as they form the link between the seabed pipelines or well and topside processing equipment. Risers are subject to constant wetting and drying in the splash zone—the area of the risers immediately above sea level. This wetting and drying combined with defects in the risers’ protective coatings can contribute to corrosion. Corrosion is concerning to platform managers because it can reduce the wall thickness and threaten the structural integrity of the risers. Assessing the remaining service life of aging risers is often dependent on corrosion monitoring with NDT technologies. There are several non-destructive testing methods used to inspect marine risers for corrosion, however conventional ultrasonic testing (UT) is often the most convenient and cost-effective method.

Loo Lian Shen, Application Specialist, Olympus Singapore Pte Ltd
(Booth No. BP2-07)

2.00pm What Lighting Manufacturers Don’t Want You to Know

Not all hazardous areas lighting performs the same. Know how NJZ Lighting Technology carefully designed products that outshine their competitors with the greatest safety to field personnel.

Kenneth Wong, Marketing Director, NJZ Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
(Booth No. 1D4-03)

2.30pm Remote Corrosion Monitoring Solutions (smartPIMS)

This presentation will introduce the SmartPIMS remote corrosion monitoring system. SmartPIMS leverages on the existing cellular network with the well-understood UT thickness measurement technique to offer an IOT (Internet of Things) solution for remote corrosion monitoring. The ATEX-rated system can be installed on critical assets with little or no installation limitations to offer real-time UT thickness measurements. The integrated cloud-based storage and data management suite enable the deployment of the SmartPIMS solution without any changes to existing IT infrastructure. The IOT architecture with encryption allows users to access the real-time corrosion data and trends securely from anywhere via internet connection.

Alfred Ng, VP Asia, Viscoy Pte Ltd
(Booth No. BG4-07)

3.00pm Green Lightings on Vessels?

With LED installation and retrofitting gaining traction for the shipbuilding and maintenance market, what are the key factors that owners should take note of when evaluating if LED lightings is a worthwhile option?There will be 3 key learning points for attendees:-
a. Which areas of the vessel should be worked on first for most cost-savings?
b. Ways to cost-effective retrofit instead of changing all fixtures
c. How to calculate ROI (return on investment) and conclude if it is effective to change to LED lightings

Hermanto Tan, LED Executive, Beng Hui Marine Electrical Pte Ltd
(Booth No. BG3-01)

3.30pm 1. Reviewing the Detection Effectiveness of OPGD Using Dispersion Modelling and Gas Mapping

Using gas dispersion modelling and gas mapping techniques, this presentation examines whether is there a significant difference in the probability of detection between OPGD type detectors and POINT-IR type detectors, and between an OPGD with 0-1LEL.m measuring range and an OPGD with 0-5LEL.m measuring range, when given the same set of gas release scenarios and layout.

Edwin Choo, Detection Product Group Manager,
MSA/GMI – PNR Engineering Systems Pte Ltd
(Booth No. BE3-01)

2. Heat Exchanger Tube Plugging Relative to ASME PCC-2 2015 Guidelines

Jimmy Cheng, Senior Sales Manager,
Curtiss-Wright EST Group – PNR Engineering Systems Pte Ltd
(Booth No. BE3-01)

11.00am Explosion Prevention and the Safety of Workers within the Oil and Gas Industries

Preventing explosions and the possibility in loss of life or injury to workers in the oil and gas industries should always be the priority objective of those involved in the specification, supply and continued operation of oil services equipment to be used within potentially flammable atmospheres. The presentation will consider the various ignition sources of diesel engines and electrically powered equipment and will consider references to explosions caused by unprotected or inadequately protected equipment. It will consider regulatory laws and standards, industry guidance and the impending international standard ISO/IEC NP 80079-41 for the explosion protection of “reciprocating internal combustion engines”. It will then offer systems and solutions to explosion protect diesel engines and oil services equipment including the need for continued service maintenance and audits to ensure explosion proof equipment remains explosion proof throughout its lifetime.

Malcolm Davis, Business Development Manager, Miretti
(Booth No. BM2-06)

12.30pm ZERO Hot Bolting Required

The elimination of hot bolting is a revolution in fastener technology. Hot bolting terrifies turnaround teams and causes balance sheets to bleed, risking both the personal and economic health of the company and its employees. Since Doxsteel Fasteners allow users to schedule maintenance with certainty, they make hot bolting extinct, completely altering the way we think about turnarounds and maintenance.

Carlos Girault, CEO & President, Doxsteel Fasteners
(Booth No. 1P4-05)

1.00pm Don’t Chance It, Check It – Hydrocarbon Monitoring in the Bell

How to protect divers from the anesthetic effects of crude oil and hydrocarbons vapours contaminating the breathing atmosphere in the diving bell.

The Analox Hypergas is the only industry recognized in bell gas analyser approved for the detection of hydrocarbon vapours in the diving bell. It provides real-time analysis for the detection of contaminants, with a relay to the topside diving superiors.

An immediate warning can be given to the divers and supervisors allowing instant preventative action to be taken to prevent injury to the divers.

Mark Wilson, Sales Director, Advanced Marine Pte Ltd
(Booth No. BL1-01)

1.30pm 20 Years Summary of Melting Steel with Light

One of the most fascinating technologies within the last 20 years is melting steel with light. With increasing laser power, the evolution from welding jewellery and dental parts moved to a level where heavy metal goods such as pipelines, drilling machines, engines, tools, mould, and dies could be repaired. Better surface quality with increased hardness does, as a result, extend the materials lifetime.

Thomas Golinske, Sales Director, Alpha Laser GmbH
(Booth No. 1H4-06)

2.30pm Tackling Corrosion in the Offshore Environment

Corrosion is costly and disruptive, and corrosion prevention and control are the keys to protecting and extending the life of any offshore asset. Tri-Star Industries have had 40 years track record of supplying the offshore, energy and marine industries with cutting-edge corrosion protection products and services and will be sharing some key ideas and latest technological developments on tackling corrosion.

Vincent Ong, Technical Manager, Tri-Star Industries Pte Ltd
(Booth No. BF3-01)

3.00pm The Widest Range of Floating Equipment: Italian Design and Technology for the Asian Market

Starting its activity in the sixties, Resinex has become one of the world leaders in the Marine Equipment Industry thanks to the constant innovation. Resinex manufactures a wide range of marine technology products, which includes the support and mooring buoys, pipe deployment floats, catamaran buoys, cable floats, elastic beacons, ultra-deepwater buoys and much more. The range of Resinex products is customized, innovative, advanced and adaptable to all requests.

Sergio Corrias, Professional Engineer – Technical Consultant, Resinex Asia
(Booth No. 1H5-06)

3.30pm Goriziane Equipping Pipe Laying Vessel in China

Goriziane Group S.p.A. has recently accomplished a significant project by equipping a wide range of equipment for one of the biggest pipe-laying vessel, the Chinese DE HE 5000 T of Yantai Salvage Bureau property.

Their highly-skilled team of engineers took care of the design and manufacture of the pipe handling system, stinger, and stinger handling system, welding system and umbilical management system “ASPO”.

The manufacturing process for all the innovative equipment took place entirely in Italy. Whereas, the 3-ramp stinger long about 110 meters, were manufactured partly in Italy and partially at Yantai Shipyards, in the Shandong Province, China.

Alessandro Della Torre, Sales Manager, Goriziane Group S.p.A.
(Booth No. BK3-07)

11.00am Overview of Corrosion Monitoring Technologies and Advancements

Corrosion monitoring is a critical part of evaluating the health and well-being of oil and gas equipment, oil and gas pipelines, process plants, refineries, and process water systems. The presentation covers various techniques used in monitoring corrosion. Various intrusive and non-intrusive techniques will be presented. There have been significant advances in the hardware used to monitor metal loss and corrosion rates in the field. Both wired and wireless systems will be presented along with advances in the manufacturing of probes used in the process. This presentation will also include some field data and interpretation.

Sai Mudiam, Director of Engineering, Metal Samples
(Booth No. 1Q4-09)

11.30am TENSA’s Active Heave Compensation and Lifting Technology: New Trends and Where the Industry is Heading

The presentation covers new developments in cranes and lifting based around rational methods of evaluating the crane dynamic loads as well as where TENSA sees the market going with regards to automated lifting operations. The presentation will be based around the work TENSA has done in developing the products below but it would go into the technical reasons behind why they decided to develop these products and how they work. These include:

• Dynamic Load Reducer (DLR) to increase crane capacity (clients include Paragon, Atwood, Apache Energy, Woodside, Transocean and Thiess and mainly used for lifting heavy trees onto offshore rigs)
• Dynamic Motion System (DMS) for vessels motion monitoring (successful applications by Cooper Energy and Teekay Shipping)
• Roborigger for automated lifting and rotating for cranes as well as IOT monitoring and logistics tracking
• Other lifting and gripping solutions for offshore operations (conductor clamps etc)

The presentation will focus on the technical background behind each of TENSA’s technologies and where they are heading in future. They also aim to discuss and gain feedback from the customers’ engineers on their products application and practicability in offshore operations. They would include real-time demonstration of our product, DMS and its software as well as preview videos of our automated lifting device, Roborigger (also available at their booth, BP4-12.

Derick Markwell, Managing Director, TENSA Equipment Pty Ltd
(Booth No. BP4-12)

1.00pm 1) Digitize All Maintenance Routines
2) Proven Technology that Saves up to 50%
3) Be Digital and Work Smart
Today 95% of all maintenance is done using pen and paper. Over the next 3 years, the industry will use about 500BN$ on IOT platforms, algorithms etc. Pen and paper-based information will not be allowed to be entered into the IOT platforms, as it is simply too unreliable.The pen and paper model is slow and leaves no audit trail of what has happened. One does not know if the inspector was by the equipment, and if the inspector was, one has no reassurance that the inspector entered the information into the ERP system. The SafeEx software handles all maintenance routines digital, optimize users’ documentation and saves up to 50% on man-hours spent on maintenance.SafeEx ApS’s 10 years global reference list proves the system values and savings. Allowing users to work mobile and digital, “work smart”.

René Larsen, Managing Director, SafeEx ApS
(Booth No. BE4-11)

2.00pm Smart Plastics, Smart Cables – Smart Vessels and Rigs

As a manufacturer and supplier of plastic components such as energy chains, cables and bearing products, igus® is going through a digital development process and orienting its products towards their use on smart vessels and rigs. The aim is to make the maintenance and repair of its plastic systems more efficient and cost-effective. Thanks to the newly developed igus® isense products, maintenance and repair are not only being focused on for recertification periods; they also benefit from digitisation with all its advantages. The isense family of sensors and monitoring products developed make igus® plastic products into intelligent solutions.

The result: igus® components do not develop a defect unexpectedly but predict it and indicate the need for maintenance beforehand. With this new development, igus® has established so-called predictive maintenance, where intelligent production meets equally intelligent maintenance.

Tim Schneebeck, Industry Manager Offshore (Oil & Gas), igus Singapore Pte Ltd
(Booth No. 1P2-01)

*This programme may be subject to change without prior notice.